"I’ve always loved music for as long as I can remember. Growing up, I was all about the radio. It seemed like each time I listened to it, there was a new song that I’d end up thinking about or humming for the rest of the day. I think when it really changed for me was hearing “Polyamorous” by Breaking Benjamin playing in my sister’s room. It's kind of funny, back then I had ZERO idea who Breaking Benjamin was or that they wrote that song. I just knew that I loved singing right then and there. At that point, the entire world was my stage.

I began actually playing music around nine years old. It started off with playing bongos along to whatever my long-time friend, T.G. and his father were playing. Shortly after, my parents gave me my first drum set. It was my first real step into the vast world of music. Within the next year, I joined concert band and the drumline. While learning to play drums, I picked up the guitar. (Full disclosure, I SUCKED). I wanted to learn so badly but I didn’t have the patience. Over the years, I learned more and more. By the time I was 18, I was singing and screaming while continuing to learn more on drums, guitar, and bass guitar.

Aside from all things music, I’ve always been a huge gamer. My console of choice is

XBOX (Microsoft send me free stuff). I remember being at my friends house playing the Halo 2 Campaign. All of a sudden, this super crazy instrumental starts playing. I was sitting there wondering ”who is playing this?! It sounds so familiar!" Lo and behold, it was Breaking Benjamin's “Blow Me Away”. I later learned that Benjamin Burnley is also very into games. As a kid, all I could think was "this guy who’s my freaking hero, is a gamer just like me!" I usually prefer story driven games, unless I’m playing online with my brother, Connor, or

Ben 'I’m Irish' Murray.

When I was younger, was really into skateboarding. I started with Black Label Skateboards, but seeing as Jamie Thomas was my skate dude, I moved to a Zero deck with Thunder trucks, Ricta wheels, and Lucky bearings. I was a grind and gap guy. If there was a good gap to be jumped, I was your Huckleberry. Between skateboarding and my time in the Army, my knees and back are now shot. I still think about buying another Zero deck to this day. Hell, if you’re reading this, flood our email with how you think Ben and I should get skateboards. Maybe it will convince him to destroy his body with me!

I started writing in high school. It was difficult because I was trying to be in the metalcore emo scene, but I was writing songs like Mike Ness. Basing songs off life experience, it never flowed the way I wanted it to. But, I kept going. I would sit around and sing to myself every day trying to make the "perfect song”. I got into lyrics hard. I loved devouring the words to all kinds of music and looking into the 'behind the song' facts.

Davey Havok has always been a huge favorite of mine.
But, Benjamin Burnley, damn, his music really got me through some hard times. His style of writing, and his vocal style were so unique. I would love to meet him to say "thank you" for everything. I wouldn’t be the musician I am today if it wasn’t for his influence.


That is what I want from my music;

I want to inspire others to follow their dreams, the same way I was inspired to follow mine."

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